Elegant & eco-friendly dispensers.


Whether you are looking to de-clutter your toiletry shelf in the shower or safely lock your bottles into place, we have a range of dispensers to suit every need.

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Scent Solutions

Reed Diffuser with Bracket

Perfect for hotels and at home, this is a spill free & anti-theft solution to keeping a room beautifully fragranced.

Release the bottle by loosening the provided bolts at the neck.

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Tissue box Cover

A durable, long-lasting, high-quality tissue box. Perfect for the hospitality industry or at home.

Powder coated metal (waterproof).

Can also be used as a paper towel dispenser (see wall mounted option when ordered with a backing plate).

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Bottles and Labels

We have a range of bottles and labels to choose from whether you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, pantry or laundry cupboard.

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Simple Towel Rails

A classic item that will always be needed in the bathroom.

We have a range of simple towel rails to choose from.

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Space Saving Cabinets

A range of slim style space saving cabinets.

Each cabinet has a optional portable caddy accessory perfect for cleaning supplies or toiletries.

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  • A Mindful & Zen approach

    We put a lot of thought into creating products that will create a peaceful clutter-free environment.

  • Re-usable Products

    We are passionate about reducing plastic waste. Our glass products minimize the use of single use plastics and encourage bulk refill buying instead.

  • Reduced Plastic Packaging

    We use recyclable and bio-degradable packaging: Including dimple wrap instead of bubble wrap & Paper bags instead of plastic bags.

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